Our Order Prices

In the event that your grades aren’t important, you can afford to hire low-cost offshore writers with “limited” skills and experience.

However, if your grades are important, you will get what you pay for.

Professional writing is difficult and time-consuming, which is why we offer our services. It necessitates advanced compositional abilities as well as a commitment to providing you with writing that you can be proud of.

The price of ExquisiteWriters value writing services is determined by our guiding principle: we promise to provide you with the best possible academic writing for your project.

Our pricing for your project is influenced by three factors:

  • The time limit you have set. We guarantee to meet or beat your expectations.
  •  The bare minimum number of pages that must be included. We’ve never had a problem with money.
  • The level of your academic achievement. We don’t believe in “under-writing” or “over-writing.”

On average, we deliver 275 words per page, double-spaced, in Times Roman 12 pt font, for standard academic projects.

In some cases, the per-page charges for other formats (scripts, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, mathematical calculations) may be slightly higher.

Here’s what we’ve promised:

  • There are no “upsells” or hidden fees.
  • Based on the deadline, rates are negotiable
  • Confidentiality is ensured, as is complete customer satisfaction.
  • 100% originality is required (plagiarism screening provided)
  • When you make the final payment, you become the legal owner of the copyright for the work.
  • Communication with your writer on an individual basis is encouraged.
  • It is delivered to your account and is ready to be submitted to the client.
Price Per Page (Approx. 275 Words)High SchoolCollege/UniversityMaster/MBAPHD
8+ Days $15.00 $18.00 $20.50$30.00
6-7 Days$15.00 $18.25 $21.00 $32.00
4-5 Days $15.50 $18.50$21.50 $33.00
3 Days $16.50 $19.00 $22.75 $34.00
2 Days $18.75 $19.50$22.75$35.00
24 Hours$20.25 $21.50 $25.25 $40.00
12 Hours$36.25 $37.50$42.75$50.00