Critical review of a journal article

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Making a critical review of a journal article enhances one’s research skills. One need to make an analysis of the quality, accuracy, and originality of a piece of a journal article in conjunction with its relevance and the mode of presentation. When doing any critical review, there is a need to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of the material to analyze its overall value. Both positive and negative aspects are focused on so as to identify the strengths and weakness of the researcher. There are two issues to consider: researching the critique and writing one’s critique.

Studying the critique: at this step, one needs to make some several steps; selecting a topic and finding a review article from the same field to get a clear understanding. Select a research article which provides background know-how of the subject after examining the materials while grabbing the techniques used, analyzing the articles keenly while looking at the introduction, the kind of information, objectives and their pieces of evidence, how the article gives an interpretation of results among others. The fourth step is to establish the context of the journal article’s research, i.e. who, when, how and why the research was done. Evaluate the text by reviewing all methods of the study. Lastly, examine the research significance.

Writing your critique: Arrange the information found in order and steps as an introduction where a citation of the journal article is indicated in full and providing background information. Secondly, make a good body structure that evaluates each method of the journal article while highlighting possible strengths and weaknesses in each section.

Lastly, make a vibrant conclusion that summarizes the weaknesses and strength of the journal article research while examining the article’s theoretical significance.